A Hand Reaches out of the Toilet...Akagami Aogami
Episode Information
Kanji トイレから手首が・・・ 赤紙青紙
Rōmanji Toire Kara Tekubi Ga... Akagami Aogami
Air date October 29, 2000
Episode Guide
Tonight the Spirits Will Be Resurrected! Amanojaku
Am I Beautiful? Kuchisake-onna

A Hand Reaches out of The Toilet...Akagami Aogami is the second episode of Gakkou no Kaidan anime. The English-dubbed title for this episode is Red Paper or Blue Paper.


A man working at a construction company has just accidentally releasing a mysterious evil force called Akagami Aogami(Red Paper Blue Paper.Hanako,in an attempt to make friends,ends up making a short-circuit in the sewer system of the school, so the students have to use the bathroom of the old school, where the ghost is attacking. Satsuki and Hajime, in an attempt to stop the ghost, enter the restroom of the old school house armed with the ghost diary, dodging a moving statue of the human body, and encountering Momoko in the process. Satsuki invokes Hanako, who warns the trio not to enter the stall in which they were hiding out of fright of her presence. Just then, Akagami Aogami asks for red or blue paper, and attempts to drag Momoko, but Satsuki and Hajime pull her back in the nick of time. Akagami Aogami then drags Hajime inside. Amanojaku, who arrives at the scene, tells Satsuki to read the diary, where she discovers that if one answers 'red', his blood will be drained out, and if he answers 'blue', he will be choked, turning blue with asphyxiation. She also reads that to put the spirit to spiritual sleep, a jar of water with the 'Torii' symbol marked on it, had to be brought near the toilet, while chanting "This stall is occupied." Meanwhile, Hajime answers 'yellow', but just makes the spirit angry, and it drags him forcefully, but Hajime clings to a pipe. Satsuki manages to find a jar and marks the symbol, but is unable to find water as the school's plumbing system is broken. Just then, Hajime, who was clinging to a pipe, gets dragged by Akagami Aogami into the spirit world. A heart-broken Satsuki starts crying, but unknown to her, her tears fall into the jar, making it effective, owing to the requirement of water. Satsuki chants the spell, and Akagami Aogami is sealed into the jar, freeing Hajime. Just then, their teacher, Mr Sakata, whom the children thought was attacked by Hanako, also emerges from the toilet, revealing that he too was the victim of the ghost. Having sealed the ghost, the children leave the building.

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