Akane-San of the Broadcasting Room: Voice of the Dead is the 18th (19th,if counting the banned episode) episode of Gakkou no Kaidan.


After an old microphone is broken ,the spirit that was sealed in the microphone is released,and wants to kill everyone that enters the Broadcasting Room.The spirit,a girl named Akane,counts down at the sunset,however,she skips the number "4",as "4" is the number of death in the Japanese culture,and it remembers Akane of her death.When she finishes counting,she kills the one that is in charge of the Broadcasting Room.Leo tells Satsuki and Hajime about this urban legend,but they don't takeit seriously.After the girl that was in charge of the Broadcasting Room was attacked by the ghost,the Teacher invites Satsuki to be on charge in the next day.Satsuki accepts,but soon,she discovers that her life is in danger.


  • The scene in which Akane comes from inside the television is a reference to the 1998 Japanese Horror Movie Ringu.
  • In this episode, Mr. Sakata and the 1st grade teacher find out that there are real ghosts at the school.

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