Beauty is Skin Deep is the 1.4 episode of Gakkou no Kaidan SP.It is also know as The Toilet Paper Ghost.


The episode begins showing three girls combing their hair.The camera make a close of a dark hair girl named Hika,combing her hair with a smile.Later,is shown the same girl in her classroom,again combing her hair.So,her teacher says for she pay attention.

When the class is over,Hika´s friends call her,however,she say that she is going to the bathroom before leaving.When she enters the bathroom,she starts to see her reflection in the mirror,admiring it.She enters in the toilet cabin.

Name Beauty is Skin Deep
Number 1
Season Gakkou no Kaidan SP
Ghost The Toilet Paper Ghost
Previous episode The Haunted Camp
Next episode The Haunted House

When she try to open the cabin´s door,she do not can.So,she discovers that the door is locked.She tries to unlock it,however,she can not.So,Hika starts to hear a strange voice coming from the toilet.

Hika,who is very scared,asks who is talking.However,the voice starts to whisper Hika´s name.The girl desesperatly tries to open the door,however,she is not able to do that.

So,Hika takes a piece of toilet paper and put this on the toilet.The paper gets sucked by the toilet,and the voice says "MORE!".So,desesperatly,thte girl starts to do this again and again.

However,the toilet paper is over.The voice starts to get angry,and became very rough and creepy.Hika starts to became very scared.So,suddenly,a hand comes out from the toilet,and pull Hika´s hair,who is screaming.


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