Da Vinci, episode 13, timestamp 15-54

Da Vinci

The ghost of an art teacher from the old school who had an obsession with the Italian artist Leonardo Da Vinci, hence the meaning of his name. When he died, he gained the power to suck anything into his paintings, making both humans and ghosts fear him. He was sealed by Satsuki's mother in a painting that portrayed the old school, but then he was unintentionally freed by Satsuki when she did a painting of the old school similar to her mother's. He re-appears in the big parade of ghosts in episode 20. Voiced by: Shō Hayami (Japanese), Vic Mignogna(English)
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Da Vinci, as he appears in Kayako's Ghost Diary

Da Vinci, Kayako (young), Satsuki, episode 13, timestamp 16-24

Da Vinci, towering over young Kayako and Satsuki in the past.

Da Vinci, episode 13, timestamp 0-32

Da Vinci, at his easel, painting.

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