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Datto (1958 or 1959-1976) is a ghost has two distinct personalities: one is of a boy who runs barefoot at incredible speed, while the other is
a diabolic hare-like scythe demon. Since he died by being hit by a car while he was training to win the race game of the sports festival, he slashes off and gathers legs of sprint runners,at exactly 4:44 P.M. In the 5th episode the good Datto appears preying Keiichirou who is training to win the race game as well, but when Satsuki tells him that Keiichirou believed him to be a friend, he redeems and even stops the evil Datto from slashing off Keiichirou's legs when he was about to win the race. With the fall of his evil counterpart, Datto was then put into spiritual sleep.Datto makes a cameo in his demon form in Farewell, Amanojaku... The Arrival of Ohma.Voiced by: Akiko Yajima (Japanese), Logan Keslar (English)

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