Death nurse 15171

Death Nurse

The Death Nurse, or Cursed Nurse appears in Episode 12: The Nurse Who Announces Death, A Mother's Feelings. She is a mysterious deity described by Satsuki's mom as some kind of Shinigami, whose duty is to visit a person near to death and tell them that his or her end is close so the person can talk with their loved ones for one last time. She appears to Keiichirou, haunting him. Satsuki believes the Nurse wants Keiichirou for evil purposes, due to a childhood trauma related with their mother's death. However, it is revealed by Amanojaku that the Nurse only wanted to give them a letter from Satsuki's mother and deliver the message to not have any regrets. The Death Nurse is one of the few ghosts presented who was not actually evil.

Cursed Nurse, episode 12, timestamp 18-03

The Death Nurse, disappearing.

Appearance Edit

The Death Nurse appears as a tall, striking woman with pale skin and an old-fashioned nurse's uniform. She has very long dark hair that hangs in her face, often covering one eye and flowing down past her knees in the back. She never speaks in the episode.

The Death Nurse, episode 12, timestamp 0-38

The Death Nurse, appearing at Keiichirou's bedside in the school infirmary.

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