Gakkou no kaidan GBA
Gakkou no Kaidan: Hyakuyobako no Fuuin ( Japanese 学校の怪談~百妖箱の封印~ lit. Ghost Stories at School : Seal at the Instrument Shelter / Seal of One Hundred ) is a Adventure/ Horror game released in 2004 in Japan for the popular plataform Game Boy Advance.The game was based in many aspects in the anime.


The game have a Story Mode and a Minigame Mode.In the Story Mode,you can choose between three playable characters,and your objective is to exorcizate the many ghosts at the old school building (very similar to other Gakkou no Kaidan games).You can find monsters and ghosts while you is walking through the school and battle with them.The gameplay is slightly similar to the Pokémon franchise.


The game was never released outside Asia,so,it's not very know in the Western countries.It became kinda popular in Japan.


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