Gakkou no Kaidan (学校の怪談) (Lit. Ghost Stories at School) is a book series of 11 volumes written by Toru Tsunametsu,and published by Kodansha in the 1990s.The books were best-sellers in Japan.


The books presents,in each volume,some ghost stories,that generally resolve around school.


Toru Tsunametsu was a Middle School Teacher.In 1985,Toru noticed that the students start to share ghost stories and rumours.This led Toru to collect ghost stories of his students.In the first 10 days,Toru collected over 160 stories.Toru presented some of the stories to a magazine,that praised his work.Toru rewrote some of them so they could be easy for children to read.This led to the publication in 1990 of the first volume of the series.


  • The book series was so famous that inspired an anime,four live-action movies,a manga series and some video-games.