Gakkō no Kaidan (学校の怪談) is a 1995 live-action movie that is the first of a four part ghost movie series. It is
based on the book series of the same name written by Toru Tsunametsu. It was directed by Hideyuki Hirayama.


The movie revolves around an elementary school, where a girl called Mika disappears mysteriously after following the sound of laughter into the bathroom. The rumors of the school being haunted, strange things happening around 4:44 AM and the disappearance of children soon come to emerge, but Mika's older sister and her friends decide to go after Mika despite this. However, they soon find out all the rumors are true, and now they not only have to find the girl, but also save themselves from the malevolent ghosts that haunt the school building.


The live-action film shares many similarities to the Gakkou no Kaidan anime. Both schools are very much similar. Some ghosts in the movie (Hanako, Anatomy Doll, Kuchisake-onna, etc) appear in the anime.


Trailer - Gakkou no Kaidan01:47

Trailer - Gakkou no Kaidan



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