Gakkō no Kaidan 2 (学校の怪談2) (also know as The Haunted School 2) is a 1996 live-action movie that is the second of a four-movie ghost movie series.It is based in the book series of the same name writen by Toru Tsunametsu.It was directed by Hideyuki Hirayama,just like the first movie.It have a different plot and different characters than the first movie.It was writen by Satoko Okudera.


During the summer vacation, a Tokyo-area elementary group is attending a retreat at a rural Buddhist temple. The elderly monk in charge of the temple takes great pleasure in telling the visiting children the local region's many ancient ghost stories. In fact, the region is well-known for its superstitious traditions, and several of the children excitedly await some appearance of ghostly phenomena. Most memorable perhaps is the creepy tale of Kocho Sensei, principal of the local elementary school who suddenly disappeared 30 years ago, nearly to the day. Rumor has it that at precisely 4:44pm she disappeared, and thereafter strange things continue to happen when the clock strikes that very minute.

Its not long until a group of adventurous students, some armed with cameras, find their way into the school in time to see the precise minute of 4:44pm pass. What they did not foresee, however, was the school's clock would be perpetually stuck at that very point in time through the bumbling of one of their group, thereby holding the ghostly portal open indefinitely. Also stumbling into this situation in an unwitting cat burglar intent on pilfering the temple and school of its valuables during the summer break. What he finds in the school safe is an antique gold pocket watch, the very watch Kocho Sensei had with her the night she disappeared...



  • It was released in July 20,1996 in Japan.


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