Hajime's First Appearance..
Personal Status
romaji name Aoyama Hajime
kanji name 青山 ハジメ
age 11
gender Male
sort Human
eyes Brown
hair Black
Professional Status
status Alive
occupation Student
relatives Mrs. Aoyama (mother)
Informal Status
first appearance Tonight the Spirits Will Be Resurrected! Amanojaku
last appearance Farewell, Amanojaku... The Arrival of Ohma
seiyū Takako Honda (Japanese)

Chris Patton (English)

Hajime Aoyama (1990-?) is one of the main character in the first season of Gakkou No Kaidan Anime Series.


Hajime is Leo's best friend and Satsuki's next door neighbor. He is shown to be the "perverted stereotype" boy, as he is always trying to see his female classmates' panties, mainly Satsuki's, seeing as how she is the closest victim. He is shown to be a good friend of Keiichirou. He enjoys messing with Satsuki and can be seen teasing her every chance he gets. However, he also cares about her, and has shown concern and worry towards Satsuki multiple times throughout the series. It is hinted he may harbor some feelings towards her. Hajime is very reliable, when he is not overwhelmed with fear, and comes through for the group when needed. He enjoys playing video-games.


Satsuki and Keiichirou first met Hajime when they arrive at their new home. It is revealed that Hajime is their neighbor, and that he was looking Satsuki's panties while she was laying down, which makes them start to fight. Satsuki and Keiichirou met Hajime again, in the Old School Building. Hajime and his best friend Leo appears and says that they're "Ghost Hunters" and that they will help Satsuki to find her pet cat Kaya in the building. The next day, it is revealed that Satsuki is in the same class of Hajime and Leo.

Name etmologyEdit

  • "Hajime" means "Start" in Japanese.
  • He has said (in the ADV Dub) that the only person he has ever had sex with was his babysitter.