Personal Status
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age 10 (age at death)
gender Female
sort Ghost
eyes Light blue (Season 1)

Black (SP)

hair Dark blue (Season 1)

Black (SP)

Professional Status
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Informal Status
first appearance Tonight the Spirits Will Be Resurrected! Amanojaku
last appearance Episode 3 of Gakkou no Kaidan SP
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Hanako is a ghost in both Gakkou no Kaidan and Gakkou no Kaidan SP. She appears to be harmless and has no intention to scare people. Hanako haunts the ladies restroom in the old school building.

Gakkou no KaidanEdit

Hanako has her first appearance in the pilot episode, Tonight the Spirits Will Be Resurrected! Amanojaku. She tries to became friends with the gang while they are in the old school's bathroom. However, she accidentally scares them.

However, her first main appearance was in the second episode, A Hand Reaches out of The Toilet... Akagami Aogami. The demon Akagami Aogami appears in the toilet in Hanako's bathroom stall, thus casting her out. She causes a blackout in the sewer system, flooding the school and forcing the students to use the restroom in the haunted school house, as way of sending an "SOS" to the gang to help her kick out Akagami Aogami and get her place back.

Hanako made cameos in several other episodes, just like The Picture That Swallows People: Da Vinci, helping the gang along with the other "good" ghosts of the old school.

Hanako also appears in the Ending Credits.


Hanako seems to not like scaring people, as she is just a shy and lonely girl that tries to make friends, but people always run away from her.


She has dark blue hair, blue eyes and pale skin. She wears a pink dress. She is shown to be very transculent.

Gakkou no Kaidan SPEdit

Hanako also appears in the "second season", SP, that takes place after the original anime. However,she is quite different. She does not have a pink dress, but a red kimono with a yellow stripe. She also wears Japanese thongs and her skin is white. She also has black eyes.

Hanako appears to keep being a good friend of Ninomiya. She is a "Ghost Host", along with another first-season ghosts in the Ghost Theater.


  • Hanako, just like Kuchisake-onna and Amanojaku, was based in a Japanese urban legend. The legend says that Hanako was a girl that died in the restroom, so she appears in the third toilet cabin in the third floor (Some versions says that she appears in the fourth toilet cabin and in any floor). To summon her, the people must knock on the third cabin's door and wait to Hanako says "Hanako's here!". Then the people can choose if they want to open the door, or run away.
  • Hanako is the only "good" female ghost in the old school.
  • Hanako means "Flower Child".