The Jinmenken (also called Human-Faced Dog) is a minor ghost in the Gakkou no Kaidan anime,and a major ghost in Gakkou no Kaidan SP.

Gakkou no KaidanEdit


The Jinmenken makes it debut at the first episode, when the gang find Kaya scared,and they think that he is scared because of a dog that is barking for him.When Keiichirou tells the dog to stop it, the Jinmenken looks at him, making all the gang became scared because of his human face.In Episode 13,The Jinmenken along with Hanako and other minor ghosts help Satsuki and the gang as they are also afraid of Da Vinci.

The Jinmenken also appears in another episodes of the anime, doing cameos with another minor ghosts.


The Jinmenken is always grumpling, however, it seems he is unoffensive, like most of the minor ghosts.

Gakkou no Kaidan SPEdit

The Jinmenken is one of the "Ghost Hosts" at the Ghost Theater in Gakkou no Kaidan SP. He is always
Human faced dog
pranking jokes in the another Ghost Hosts.


  • It is based in an uncommon urban legend in Japan that says that if someone gets late in putting the garbage out, the Jinmenken appears to scare the person. Some people believes that the Jinmenken are spirits of homeless people, however,other people believes them are freaks created in the Laboratory that escaped.