Mary is a ghost that resembles a beautiful European-looking doll. She stalks Satsuki, asking if she wants to play with her or giving her locations. Satsuki and the others try to get rid of her by leaving her in a doll house where the toys of deceased people remain. However, she gains the power to control the other toys and make them go after and attack Satsuki with the game of Kagome Kagome. Ironically though, Satsuki is saved by Mary herself, who claimed Satsuki "wasn't having fun" and decided to leave her taking a tissue that Satsuki had used to clean Mary earlier. Mary wears Satsuki's tissue as a cape and fades away forever. Despite her innocent behavior, she is a very dangerous deity, as is stated by Amanojaku at the end of the episode.Mary appears only in Talking Mary Doll! Shadows of Death.

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