Misono Kiyohara is a student in Class 5-3 and a close friend of Satsuki Miyanoshita.She is voiced by Tomoe Hanba in the Japanese Version and by Luci Christian in the English Version.


Misono can be seen as a backgrounder character sometimes in the anime.Her first significative role was in Episode 15,as she is one of the girls that participates of Shinobu's ritual.After Aya disappears,she probably calls Shinobu saying that she want to give up of the ritual,and she also disappears.After Shinobu is defeated by Satsuki,Misono come back.Misono appears again in Episode 18,in the beggining of the episode,where she was talking to Aya about the fact that there is no song being played during the lunch.Leo then tells them that there is no DJ during the lunchtime.Misono appears again in Episode 20,as one of the students that are being controlled by Ohma.

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