New Year's Special
Episode Information
Kanji お正月スペシャル. お化け大集合
Rōmanji Oshougatsu supesharu. Obake daishuugou
Air date January 2001.
Opening Grow Up
Ending Sexy Sexy
Episode Guide
The Corpse That Roams in the Night: Shirotabi
The Tunnel with No Exit: Anamaneki

New Year's Special is a special episode of the Gakkou no Kaidan anime that was aired only in Japan, celebrating the New Year.


Momoko goes to visit Satsuki's and Keiichirou's house on New Year's Eve, to pray for Kayako. Keiichirou calls Momoko to play, and then, Satsuki starts to read her diary. She starts to remember all of the adventures the gang have had up to this point. After this, Satsuki says that she is determined to exorcise all the ghosts and save everyone. She screams for Momoko and Keiichirou, telling them to call Hajime and Leo, so they can exorcise more ghosts. Amanojaku appears and says that they are already gone, and Satsuki runs, screaming for them to wait for her. Amanojaku then says that the most powerful ghosts are yet to appear, and he just can't wait for it.


  • Hajime and Leo are absent in this episode; they are only mentioned and appear in Satsuki's flashbacks.

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