Sajime (Japanese HajiSat) (also know as NextDoorShipping or PantiesShipping) is the most popular ship in all the Gakkou no Kaidan anime series.


Tonight the Spirits Will Be Resurrected! AmanojakuEdit

  • When Satsuki is checking her new room, Hajime, that lives in the house next door, see Satsuki's panties from his window. When he comments it, Satsuki gets angry and both start to fight.
  • Hajime seems to care about Satsuki, as he helps her and Keiichirou to find Kaya in the old school.
  • Satsuki looks jealous when Hajime and Leo says that they will help Momoko to find her beret.

A Hand Reaches out of The Toilet... Akagami AogamiEdit

  • When they are going to school, Hajime makes Satsuki falls to see her panties, which makes her angry and slaps him.
  • Satsuki sits next to Hajime in the class.
  • When both are in the old school, Hajime says that he needs to say a thing. Satsuki blushes, probably thinking that he will say that he loves her. However, Hajime says that he need to go to the bathroom. This makes Satsuki really angry and disapointed.
  • When Akagami Aogami is about to take Hajime to the hell, Satsuki starts to screams "Hajime! Hajime!" in despair.

Requiem from the Dead - EliseEdit

  • Hajime looks really concerned about Satsuki and the curse of the piano. He claimed the fact that she will not die with a friend like him.
  • After they defeat the Piano Ghost, Hajime takes Satsuki home in his back.

The Talking Mary Doll! Shadows of DeathEdit

  • Hajime tries to consolate Satsuki about Mary, and also goes camping to protect Satsuki.
  • Hajime busts in through the window, `like Bruce Willis` because of his concern for Satsuki.

The Devil's Spell: Rites of DarknessEdit

  • Hajime blushes when the wind blows Satsuki's skirt.
  • Satsuki asks Hajime about the girl that disappears, and when Hajime says he don't know about this girl, Satsuki gets really sad, as probably even the one that she likes the most doesn't believes her. Hajime calls her name, but Satsuki doesn't look back.
  • The creator of the series says that Satsuki's wish was that Hajime loves her. However, she didn't know her wish was already true.


  • Many fans find the last episode odd, as Hajime and Satsuki do not admit their feelings to each other. This makes more speculations about a Season 2.