Satto, or Datsuk(Japanese DaSat), is the ship between Satsuki Miyanoshita and Datto. Though this ship is highly incapable of happening, I, the page creator, ship it with my entire life and soul. This ship has as much evidence as any other crack ship, but with a little more proof. In the fifth episode, the only episode where Datto is seen ever, Satsuki along with Momoko, points out that he is aesthetically pleasing in the lower region. In his first appearance, though it may be proven wrong easily, he seems to be staring at her from a distance. And before he cuts off Keiichirou's feet and is thinking about what she said about how he believes in him, he somehow remembers her saying that he has a "nice ass", the second time being that of a purr.

Even her giving him the nickname "assboy" rings a bell that she notices his existence enough to give him a nickname. At the end of the episode, after the race, Satsuki brings up that "for a ghost, [Datto] wasn't such a bad guy". Then after Leo brings up how she did point out his fine arse, she blushes a little, telling him to shut up.

Overall, this ship, in the writer of this article's perspective, is honestly quite cute and deserves to be known just a little more. Thank you for reading this article. The writer is currently working on some art pieces for this ship, and will be posting them on social media. Thank you for your time again.