Season 2 is a possible season of the Gakkou no Kaidan anime.

The second season has never aired and it's possible that it never will due to the anime's failure in Japan.

However, there is some evidence that a second season can be possible.

  • In the last episode, Satsuki and Hajime never reveals their feelings for each other, what made many fans angry.
  • In the last scene, a shadow (that is possibly Amanojaku) appears. It can possibly mean that Amanojaku has once again awoken, meaning that there will indeed be a second season.
  • The has show made some success outside of Japan.

However, many fans consider Am I Beautiful? Kuchisake-onna as the first episode of the second season, as it was labeled as "Episode 21," but this is, in fact, the third episode.

Other fans consider Gakkou no Kaidan SP as the second season, while it could be probable, the show doesn't take place in the same "universe."

Season 2 is a very popular theme in the Gakkou no Kaidan fandom. Many fanfictions are written about a possible second season.

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