Sexy Sexy is the ending theme of Ghost Stories. It is written and performed by CASCADE. Its lyrics are as follows:

English: Edit

"From beyond the sunset, there is a mirage

I miss you, I miss you

I need you, I need you

Sexy Sexy

Hey, won't you come to my room

I'll let you in on a little secret

My heart was drenched

By the outrageous night as well

Time cannot be turned back

Come back, come back, come back

From beyond the passion, there is a mirage

Rock it, rock it

Rock it, rock it

What feels good is paradise

If we can meet at that place

Which burns furiously

Rock it, rock it

Rock it, rock it

Sexy Sexy."

Japanese: Edit

"Yuugure no kanata kara shinkirou Aitakute aitakute Aenakute aenakute Anata utopia

Itsuno hi ka, kono basho de deaeru nara I miss you i miss you I need you i need you Sexy sexy

Ne, heya ni konai? Naisho no hanashi kikaseteageru Koyoi norenai nara Take away shite mo doushiyou mo nai ne

Furachi na yoru ni kokoro mo nureta Toki wa modosenai Come back come back come back

Jounetsu no kanata kara shinkirou Yurashite yurashite Yurashite yurashite Kimochi ii koto paradise

Moesakaru ano basho de deaeru no nara Yurashite yurashite Yurashite yurashite Sexy sexy dance

Hoshi wa aozame hana wa midareru Yami no naka kara kirakira to (utsushiteru no)

Karamitsuku yubisaki no shinkirou Jirashite jirashite Jirashite jirashite Jiri jiri ikasete

Itsumademo kono atari de koishiteru I miss you i miss you I need you i need you Sexy sexy you

Oh baby my baby Oh baby oh baby Anata utopia

Jounetsu no kanata ni wa shinkirou Yurashite yurashite Yurashite yurashite Nandomo

Yurashite yurashite Yurashite yurashite

Kirakira to Sexy sexy"

Trivia Edit

  • Due to the sexual overtones of the song's lyrics, many consider Sexy Sexy to be an inappropriate for a children's show.

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