Shipping is a thing that is very popular among the fandom. It consists in support a random couple, for example:

  • I think Momoko and Leo are very cute together. I ship Momoko and Leo.

It is a very popular theme in the Gakkou no Kaidan fandom. Some evidence of a pairing is:

  • Red blushes in the character's faces.
  • Holding hands.
  • Being too close of each other.

In English, the name of a ship consist of some letters of each one in the pairing's names. For example, Satsuki and Hajime are Sajime. In Japanese, the name of a ship consist of the first letters of the male's name and the first letters of the female's name. Hajime and Satsuki are HajiSat. In homosexual pairings, the first letters are of the dominant member of the pairing.

Some popular ships are:

  • Satsuki Miyanoshita and Leo Kakinoki - Seo
  • Momoko Koigakubo and Hajime Aoyama - Haoko

"Crack Ships" are some ships in the fandom can be just plain silly to think about. Though, it seems as though they might work in a parallel universe. These are mostly ships that people don't think about, but some do. For example:

  • "I think that Satsuki and Datto would be a hilarious couple even though it could never happen. It's totally my favourite crack ship!"

Signs of a crack ship can be as much as a general ship. Evidence is not necessary though. Characters may...

  • have never met in canon
  • have only met once, but not on a good encounter
  • be just a comical couple that could never happen
  • be from different time periods
  • be different "species" ((for example here, we have ghost/human relationships))

Some very unpopular crack ships are:

  • Satsuki Miyanoshita and Datto - Satto / Datsuki ((lmao no I seriously ship this and no one can stop me))
  • Hajime Aoyama and Datto - Dajime
  • Momoko Koigakubo and Jesus

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