Terror at Bloodstain Lake! The Snow Ghost
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Rōmanji Chizome Mizuumi no Kyoofu ! ! Setsu no Boorei
Opening Grow Up
Ending Sexy Sexy
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The Apartment That Eats People! Nest of Evil Spirits
Akane-San of the Broadcasting Room: Voice of the Dead

Terror at Bloodstain Lake! The Snow Ghost is the 17th episode of the Gakkou no Kaidan anime.


Satsuki, Hajime and the others goes in their Winter Break to a ski trip. They stay at Satsuki's and Keiichirou's Aunt's traditional Japanese inn. When they arrive at the inn, they meet Satsuki's "cousin", Yuki. Satsuki notices that mysteriously the phones doesn't works at that place. Yuki takes them to their rooms and shows the Bloodstain Lake from a window to the gang. Yuki explains that the lake is named like this because everytime a bad thing happens near that place, the lake's waters become red as blood. Yuki shows a photo frame of Miyuki, that according to Yuki was a girl that dies in the lake and now wants to take Yuki with her to the Ghost World. However after some strange things happens Hajime finds out that Yuki is not the one they are thinking she is.

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