The Apartment that Eats People! Nest of Evil Spirits
Episode Information
Rōmanji Hito o Kurau Danchi ! ! Akuryoo no su
Opening Grow Up
Ending Sexy Sexy
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The Devil's Spell: Rites of Darkness
Terror at Bloodstain Lake! The Snow Ghost

The Apartment That Eats People! Nest of Evil Spirits is the 16th episode of the Gakkou no Kaidan anime.


After Satsuki's and Keiichirou's father get into a very strange fever after work on the demolition of an old building, the gang decides to investigate the place. However they found out that the place is haunted by many ghosts and there is only one man that can defeat the major menace, a ghost tree that controls all the other ghosts.

Major Ghosts Soma
Minor Ghosts

Amanojaku, Falling Woman, Haunted Doll (not Mary), Ghost Mannequins.

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