The Devil's Spell - Rite of Darkness
Episode Information
Air date March, 2001
Opening Grow Up
Ending Sexy Sexy
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The Apartment That Eats People! Nest of Evil Spirits

The Devil's Spell: Rites of Darkness is the 15th episode of the Gakkou no Kaidan first season. The English-dubbed title of this episode is New Girl.


The newest fashion on Satsuki's school is making charms: spells for having a boyfriend, having money, becoming thinner... However, a new girl named Shinobu Matsuba makes things become a little dangerous...


  • It was revealed by the series' creator that Satsuki´s wish was that Hajime loves her. However, she did not know that her wish already was true.
  • Momoko is absent in this episode.

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