The Ghost Woman is the mysterious ghost of a woman who appears in the second episode of Gakkou no Kaidan SP.
Ghost Woman
A young camper wakes up in the middle of the night to go use the bathroom. Whilst washing his hands he hears a strange noise outside. As he peeks through the window he sees the spirit of a completely white woman either burying or digging up something resembling a bone. A piece of one of the window beams snaps, catching the ghost’s attention. Seeing that the boy is watching her the ghost rushes and tries to grab the boy through the hole in the window, smashing her head against it in her haste. The boy runs back to the cabin, hearing the moans of the ghost woman behind him. The boy launches himself straight to his bed and rolls into his sheet. The ghost woman opens the door of the cabin, and upon seeing that the campers are all similar begins to grasp one of the legs of each boy, searching out who had seen her. Once the ghost finally finds the boy she smiles before lunging to attack. The camper wakes up screaming, causing everyone else in the cabin to wake up and turn on the lights. When two other campers ask what happened the boy replies that he had a nightmare. A camper points out that the boy has a hand print wrapped around one of his legs, proving that it was indeed no nightmare. The ghost woman is shown walking away, the area around her suggesting she is heading back to where she was originally before the boy saw her.  The camera zooms in towards her head and she turns around, sticking her tongue out to the camera and screaming.