The Picture That Swallows People: Da Vinci is the 13th episode of Gakkou no Kaidan.


Note: This plot is still incomplete.Please help Gakkou no Kaidan Wiki by finishing it! 

Satsuki and the others see Satsuki's painting of the Old School at the school mural,as one of the best paintings.Hajime says that Satsuki did a good job,as everyone has to have a talent.Satsuki asks what Hajime means,and then,a teacher appears and tell them that it's time to go home.After everyone leave the school,blood start to drop from Satsuki's painting.

At Satsuki's home,Satsuki find Reiichirou listening to a music box and looking to Kayako's picture.Satsuki asks what he is doing,and Reiichirou says that it's a secret.Satsuki says "Please,tell me!",and Reiichirou laughs and says that Satsuki remind him of Kayako.After it,he says that it's time to go to the bed,and Satsuki says "Ok,good night!",and leaves the room.

The next day,Satsuki is talking to Momoko at school,and they see two boys running.The girls go after the boys,and they see a crowd in front of the school mural.Satsuki sees the blood,and became scared.Momoko wonders who should have done this, and it is revealed that Da Vinci,a ghost, is watching them.A boy appears and says that the same thing is happening with the Old School.The students run up to the school building,and they see that there is also blood dropping from a window in the building,just like Satsuki's painting.Satsuki sees Leo and Hajime.Leo says that this must be a supernatural phenomenom.

Leo suggests for them to go have a look inside the building,so they can discover what is happening.The principal and a janitor also enters the building,and they go take a look at the room from where the blood is dropping.When they arrive there,they find the entire room floor covered in blood.Also,they see some paintings of pretty girls on the room's walls.The janitor then discovers that it was rainwater that gets mixed with red ink and made ​​it look like it was blood.The school principal,tells him to clean the room,and he leaves.Satsuki and the others were outside the room,listening to everything.Hajime says "It's just this,after all!".However,Satsuki looks to her painting,and scared,shows it to the others.The blood on her painting disappeared,and they see the janitor in the window,in her painting.Hajime then notices that Momoko disappears.Suddenly,Amanojaku appears,and says that "he" is back.They ask who is back,and Amanojaku says "Da Vinci!".

Amanojaku then says that long ago,there was an art teacher at the Old School that was a fan of the artist Leonardo Da Vinci.One day,the teacher killed himself,and since that day,his spirit paints pictures of beautiful girls.When he finish the painting,the girl get stucked in the painting.Amanojaku says that Da Vinci is so powerful tha he can even capture ghosts in his paintings.Amanojaku then says that it is Satsuki's fault.

Satsuki asks "Why?",and she checks the Ghost Diary.It is revealed that her mother put Da Vinci to sleep in a painting of the old school when she was young,and that if someone paint a picture of the Old School,just like her,the spirit will be released.

Hajime then realizes tha Momoko was caught by the ghost.Satsuki checks the painting,and see Momoko in one of the windows.Leo says that this window is of the Arts Room.Satsuki checks the Diary and says that to put Da Vinci to sleep,they need some incense sticks,and chant a spell.Leo says "Where can we find incense sticks here?".He sees a incense stick at the floor.They look back,and they see the ghosts of the old school (Hanako,Human-Faced Dog,and  Ninomiya ) throwing incense sticks to them.Amanojaku comments that they must be in Satsuki's side,as they are also afraid of Da Vinci.

Da Vinci is painting a picture of Momoko,saying that she will be beautiful for ever,in that painting.The gang enters the Arts Room.Da Vinci pushes Satsuki,and grabs Momoko.Satsuki's painting begins to shine,and Da Vinci jumps in the painting,with Momoko.The others looks to the painting,and sees Da Vinci,holding Momoko,running.Satsuki and Hajime accidentally fall into the picture.They are teleported to another dimension.Keiichirou screams "Satsuki!".Keiichirou and Leo looks to the picture,and they see Satsuki and Hajime in front of the Old School.

In the alternate dimension,Satsuki and Hajime see that there is no New School Building,only the Old one.They see that the windows of the Old School are not broken,and that the Old Clock is working.The two enter the building,and suddenly,a boy appears and says to Satsuki "So,here you are! Come with me,i have something to tell you!".He grabs Satsuki's hand.He takes the girl to inside the building.He gives her a small box.The boys says "Congratulations for your painting has been chosen!",and then,he runs away.Hajime appears and says "Who was him?".They hear a sound, and go running toward it.The sound is coming of a room,and Satsuki and Hajime looks inside of it.They see some teachers listening to radio.In the radio,a man says that a team finally won the cup of 1973.Satsuki and Hajime realize they are in the past.They look to the wall,and see Satsuki's painting in the school mural.Under the painting,there is a card with the name "Kayako Miyanoshita",the name of Satsuki's mother.

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