The Talking Mary Doll! Shadows of Death!
Episode Information
Kanji 話すメリー人形 恐怖の影
Rōmanji Hanasu Meri Ningyō!! Kyōfu no Kage
Air date January 21,2001 (Japan)
Opening Grow Up
Ending Sexy Sexy
Episode Guide
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The Talking Mary Doll! Shadows of Death! (Child's Play,in the Dub),is the 11th episode of the Gakkou no Kaidan anime.


Satsuki finds a beautiful porcelain doll at a dumpster. Soon, Satsuki start to being stalked by the doll, as "Mary-san" keep calling Satsuki saying "Let's play?" The girl throw the doll away, but she misteriously appears at her house again, and Satsuki blame on Keiichirou, even though he didn't take the doll back. The gang gives the doll to a temple were the toys of deceased people remain. But when Satsuki finally though she was safe, is when the trouble became bigger...

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