Tonight the Spirits Will Be Resurrected! Amanojaku´ is the first episode of Gakkou No Kaidan anime.

The English dubbed tittle for this episode is The Awakening.


Amoanajaku attack the gang.

Episode title Tonight the Spirits Will Be Ressurrected!Amonajaku´
English Dub Title The Awakening
Major ghost Amoanajaku
Minor ghosts Hanako,Human-Face Dog,Teki Teki,Ninomiya,Headless Biker

Japan:October 22,2000


Location Old School Building
Previous Episode: Gakkou no Kaidan: Another Stories
Next episode: A Hand Reaches out of The Toilet...Red Paper,Blue Paper


The episode begins with a janitor at the old school in night.He hear strange sounds,and go check.Suddenly,the man is attacked by an evil force,and trie to scream,but nobody hear your screams.

Next day, a girl named Satsuke Myanoshita and her brother,Keiichirou moves to the city of her dead mother,with her father and her cat,Kaya.Ironically,the city that they move is the same that the janitor was attacked last night.Once they arrive at the new home,Satsuke and Keiichirou

will explore the new house. In Satsuke´s bedroom,a boy in the next door spying Satsuke panties from the window. Satsuke and the boy come to fight,when Satsuke see that it is time to go to school.

Keiichirou hides Kaya in his backpack, even though knowing that they were prohibited from entering pets. Satsuke, when see the cat, complained to Keiichirou. Suddenly Kaya jump out from the backpack and enter in the old school building. Satsuki and Keiichiro enter the old school, searching for Kaya. Both are surprised by the boy who had been spying on panties Satsuki earlier, and his friend.

The boys present themselves, who call themselves Hajime and Leo.The boys says that both are famous ghost hunters,and come look for ghosts,but Satsuke don´t believe him.Suddenly,enter into old school an girl with pale skin and silver hair. Satsuke, Keiichirou, Hajime and Reo become frightened, but soon realize it's just a normal girl. The girl says that her name is Momoko,and she lost her cap in the old school building,and came looking for him. Hajime and Leo starts to "flirt" with her.After that they saw a statue ninumiya wearing momoko's cap.

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